$20 Tattoos - Hot August Nights @ Crown Electric Tattoo Co, Las Vegas [4 August]

$20 Tattoos - Hot August Nights

10:00 - 02:00

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Crown Electric Tattoo Co
911 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
Hot August Nights is back again.This is the one you've been waiting for!
Each year we like to give back to our clientele base by offering this special $20 tattoo event. This is the only event where we have our clients send in designs ideas that THEY would like to see done for only $20 and we pick from THEIR entries. How cool is that!

Entries are taken via our fb page for weeks before the event. We'll be posting our design sheets here so you guys can see what will be available for $20. Just follow for those updates.
There will be placement limits and we'll have all that info for you BEFORE the event. Sometimes we allow hands and feet but we won't know what our limits are until all the designs have been picked.
This is a first come, first tattooed event. We don't take appts on event days. We don't do any tattoos that are not part of the event on event days. This day is set aside for our event tattoos ONLY.
You will not be allowed to sign in if you have a minor with you. No babies, no strollers, no one under 18 is allowed at all during event days.
It's just not fair to expect your tattooers or other patrons to work or wait through crying babies or loud children running around.
The wait times get long and its just not fair to expect a child to be able to sit patiently. For that reason we say no one under 18.
Our seating is needed for paying clients. It's not fair to have minors taking up seating that is needed for the people who paid and are waiting. For that reason we don't allow minors at events.
This is a face paced tattoo and piercing event and we need our clients to be familiar with what to expect at a tattoo studio. Underage clients, in general, require a little extra time and care and that isn't something we can offer during these busy events. For that reason we do not allow parents to sign in for minors at events.
ANY OTHER DAY we are a family friendly shop. Just not on event days. MUST BE 18. We hate to be so strict about this but we have to be. If you show up with anyone who is not 18, you will be asked to leave without singing in. Sorry guys. Plan for a sitter and come enjoy some YOU TIME. :)

If you've been here before for one of our events you already know what to expect. If this is your first time, be prepared for a crowd!
Our events get super crazy busy sometimes. Wait times will vary depending on how many people show up before you and we can't give accurate guesses on how long the wait might be. We always have a blast at events though. We have a huge lobby to accommodate large crowds so you wont be standing outside while you wait.

Shop opens at 10am. We always have a line of people who showed up early, waiting for us when we get here. We don't ask that anyone shows up early but we completely understand if you want to try to beat the crowd and get in and out faster.
We'll have 6 artists and 2 piercers at the event. ALL of us are here from open (10am) until the end of the event (2am). This isn't like going to a tattoo shop who has only 1 guy working.

Here's the full break down on EXACTLY how this works. We apologize for being so WORDY but we want you all to be on board with exactly what to expect on event days.

Doors open at 10am
You'll see all the design sheets at our front counter. You decide what tattoos or piercings you are getting and we have you sign in on a standard tattoo release form and PRE-PAY to hold your place in line. Tattoos will be $20 each (there will be a limit) and piercings will be 1/2 price.

NO REFUNDS! We DO NOT REFUND for any reason once you pay. This is very much like going to a haunted house line during the Halloween season. You get in line, pay at the front, wait times can get long, then finally it's your turn and they don't refund if you waited and have to leave.
There are no refunds if you waited a long time and have to go to work. We do not refund here or there, we do not refund anywhere. Not to take a bus, or catch a plane, not in the sun or in the rain. You get the point. NO REFUNDS.
Generally this isn't an issue for us. Rarely will we get a person who claims they didn't see the NO REFUNDS sign posted everywhere in the shop. There are no refunds if you leave and miss your turn. We do not put you back in line if you missed your turn. Please BE HERE in the shop when your number is called.
If you feel the line is too long and you dont want to wait, please don't sign in. Maybe try back later in the night if you like.

When you sign in and pre-pay you will see a number on the bottom of your from. REMEMBER THAT NUMBER! Super important.
We go by number order so no one is skipped or cuts in line. We keep track of who is next based on THOSE numbers. Please remember it. It really stops the flow of things when people come up to the counter helpers, distracting them from their other jobs, asking them to go back through our forms to find out what number they are. We really appreciate you guys for NOT doing that.

Each of our 6 artists will be given 1 to 2 forms at a time and when your form number comes up you'll hear us call out your name and that number. Be listening for your number. You'll be directed to your artists station for your tattoo. Same thing applies for piercings. We'll have 2 piercers. Piercing line is different with a different set of numbers. If you want to do both tattoos and piercings that's great! Just ask to sign in for both (2 different forms).

Once your form number is called and you are with your artist, this would be the time to bring up things like, color change requests, or placement requests that we consider questionable. DO NOT ask the counter help. They can not answer for your artist. It will be 100% up to your artist if he is willing to do what your are asking for an extra tip.
We don't do size changes or add ons to the designs, but in the past, some people have asked to have a color changed from how they saw it on the sheet at the counter OR to have a small area colored in that may not have been colored in on the sheet at the counter. These types of requests will require a MINIMUM TIP of at least $10 that you will hand directly to your artist before the tattoo. Be sure he understands what you're asking for before you start. He may say yes, and he may say no. Up to them, but ask in person.

That's it. Have fun, get your new tattoo and leave happy :)

No doubt you'll make some new friends while you wait. We happen to have the best clientele in all of Vegas. You'll be hanging out with other really cool people with good music while you wait. It's also pretty fun to see what everyone else got after their turn.

Now, about the waiting… We completely understand if you want to get signed in and then leave to run an errand or grab a bite to eat, etc. Just remember your form number if you leave. We will update HERE on the event wall, as often as we possibly can with what number we are on so you all can watch and see when your number is getting close.
Please understand though, it is not up to US to post YOUR number so you can rush down here for your turn. We post these numbers as a courtesy only. We can't post every single number we call but if you ask, on the event wall, there will always be someone sitting here that will answer back with what numbers that heard last.
BE HERE, PHYSICALLY IN THE SHOP when your number is called. We don't call your cell phone to tell you it's your turn and we dont post for you to come down here. If you miss your turn, that's it. You missed it.So feel free to leave if you don't want to sit here and wait but be back in time for your turn.
WE LOVE REQUESTS! If you have a favorite artist or piercer here and you want to request that person, just write REQUEST and their name on the BOTTOM OF YOUR FORM so we know who to put you with. IF you don't have a favorite yet, that's fine too. We're hoping after your get your tattoo or piercing that you'll have a favorite person to request at our next event ♥

We always make a little after video from our events. Remember to take pics of what you got. Other people love to see what everyone got. Post em as you get em. We also like pics with you getting your tattoo or with your artist. Post those too so we have good ones to use for the video. We all get too buisy to take pics but we love to see the pics you took ♥

I think we covered everything. If you still have a question or comment just post it. We answer ALL questions. See you guys there! Eeek! Can't wait :)
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